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Monsters of The Rock, Crickhollow

Alt Rock Band


Monsters of The Rock

Saturday, February 24th / Sunday, February 25th
Bree Festival Grounds Stage
Crickhollow server

Saturday, Feb 24th
GnR by Great Willow Blues Band @ 2.00pm
Rush by Wee Free Banshees @ 3.00pm
Springsteen by The Rakes of Kilkarill @ 4.00pm
Metallica by Mithrillica @ 5.00pm
Iron Maiden by Mardi Gras Party Band @ 6.00pm
Ozzy by Alt Rock Band @ 7.00pm

Sunday, Feb 25th
Jethro Tull by Cheery Littlebottom’s  @ 4.00pm
Linkin Park by Galdwen’s Misfits @ 5.00pm
Aerosmith by Mushroom Stew @ 6.00pm
Nightwish by The Herminators @ 7.00pm
Therion by Weeds @ 8.00pm
Roxette by Sisters of Moonlight @ 9.00pm