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March Hare Bunny Fair, Crickhollow

Alt Rock Band


March Hare Bunny Fair

Bunny Fur is what band leaders on Crickhollow call music that is soft, warm, and lovely.
We’ve brought together 10 bands for 9 hours of lightly soothing Bunny Fur!
Come join us in dancing beautiful Elven dances, or just sit and relax.
And bring your favorite bunny/hare/rabbit pet!

Saturday, March 23rd
1.00pm until 10.00pm
The Shire, Methel stage
Crickhollow server

  • 01.00pm * Alt Rock Band
  • 01.30pm * The Rakes of Kilkarill
  • 02.00pm * The Great Willow Blues Band
  • 03.00pm * Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
  • 04.00pm * Eastof the Sea
  • 05.00pm * Distracted
  • 06.00pm * Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
  • 07.00pm * Harlequins
  • 08.00pm * The Flutterbyes
  • 09.00pm * Billy & The Sock Puppets