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Madness comes ta the OAKS wit the ALT ROCK BAND!!!


Thanks ta all ya folks that came ta share the October OAKS wit the Breakfast Club here in Oldfurlong.  Gammer Oakley says I shouldnt brag on myself  & since I be part of this band I best let others tell ya how it went  ….

“.. it was a wonderful OAKS”

“that was lovely. I feel much better.”

” Lovely singing from master Dallofin”

” bravo to the band, thank you all”

” ‘was grand concert :D”

” awesome concert, Breakfast Club! bravo!!!”

” Thank you so much for a fabulous concert!!!”

From the rousin beginnin of FREE BIRD   ..the Breakfast Club truly had sumthin fer everyone ta enjoy just like I promised ya folks …

thru sum soft sweet melodies like Annie’s Song …

followed by sum songs that was played by them big bands in the Ol’ Mad Badger back in Archet long ago

…then came the Classical Corner that be part of every Breakfast Club concert … wit Anton Dvořák’s “Gnu Whirled Simfunny”
Endin wit sum funny & often touchin lyrics sung by dear Dallo & Lady Lark.

Like I said sumthin fer everyone there ta enjoy.

Thanks ta my sweet Neighbor fer makin it possible ta watch & listen ta it all again …thanks bunches ~hugs~
Thanks again ta all them kind & most talented folks from the Breakfast Club and ta the special guests we had playin wit us …especially dear Lady Luvey who has agreed ta bring her band fer the November OAKS

the Alt Rock Band

who will be bringin the Madness of Motown ta Oldfurlong ….

what’s that ?   No   not Moria   …no no .. not Mordor    ….here be how dear Luvey explains it ..

In the early years of the Third Age,a young eluf herd sum dwarfies singin along wit the sound of the rhythm of picks & hammers on stone and asked from where this music came.
He was told they call themselves  ..Mota-wyn, those who labor & this music be the music of their “town”.

This music be primal, earthy, & full of the low, deep sound of the Theorbo!

and now y’all can hear this music rite here in Oldfurlong!!!

I can barely wait ta hear this band ‘s rockin music   … or should it be music against rocks?

I know we’ll be dancin all nite long!   woohoo!!!

Warm hugs ta all,