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LotRO 9th Anniversary Party on Sirannon

One birthday to rule them all
One to find them
One birthday to bring them all
And, on bind them.

Sunday, April 24th from 1pm to 5pm EST. – Breelands Fairgrounds Stage
You will find your favorite music groups for a series of concerts, music and quiz

Come on and celebrate with :

1pm – Daft Pigs
1.30pm – Les Savoureuses Melodies
2pm – Open Stage
2.30pm – Les Compagnons d’Infortune
3pm – Les Chantefables
3.30pm – Lindelea I’Lenda
4pm – Quizz with Manhiks Lèvecoude!

Such good company I tell you!

Louella cooked muffins, refreshments will also be at the rendez-vous, it only needs your good mood.