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Lindamar presents : Ardamire, on Laurelin

“Jewel of the world, blessed are you among realms.”

Ardamírë, aistana elye imíca númenyaron
A journey across the beautiful lands of Arda, following the flight of Eärendil the Mariner

Lindamar presents a music performance to honor the beauty and lands of Arda as we all have come to know and love them.

Server: Laurelin
Date: June 11th, 2020
Time: 3 pm servertime / 8 pm UK time / 9 pm CET
Location: Celondim Pavilion (29.4S, 92.6W)

Lindamar, ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, invites all free people, elves and elven friends, to come and share with us a performance that through music and words takes us across the lands of Arda, following the flight of Earendil as he steers his Vingilot across the sky. Come share with us the beauty and richness of the landscapes as we travel from east to the west, from dawn to dusk.

We gather in beautiful Lindon, at the Elven Pavilion, south and uphill of Celondim. And as nights are getting brighter, please dress your summer finest, bring flowers of the world or lanterns to shine as silmarils, but kindly leave your weapons and pets behind.

OOC: This is an in-character and timeless event, as some of the band members may be elsewhere. Every one, elf-friends or good natured travelers of the free people, with a reasonable purpose for visiting or staying in area at the time of the performance, are most welcome to attend.

As we are heading into brighter and warmer nights as midsummer is approaching, please flowers with you to hold onto during the concert. Please dress your summer finest, but kindly leave your weapons and pets behind. You are welcome to let fireworks brighten the evening sky after the concert.

Contact: Elvealin, Ealendil, Norliriel, Linchil