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Let’s Get Crazy in the May OAKS

Thanks ta all of the marvelous Mushroom Stew that played the April OAKS fer all that delicious, savory music and .
thanks ta my dear cousin fer all the lively & beautiful mushroom stew she made ….or ..

Do I have it backwards? aahh YEAH!  the music was both lively & beautiful while …my cousin made sum delicious stew fer everyone     hahahaha

Rumor has it that Mushroom Stew got t’gether when they started by carryin mushrooms (or was it the stew?) ta folks all around that didnt have any  …and then they ran inta the Phantom of the Mushroom Patch which I think scared them a bit ( just a little bit ) …this be followed by them bein exposed ta a taste of the hypnotic mushroom music of the Harmonious Hu  …then they found a Hobbiton Delight  ..and them shared all the music they found along the way wit all at the OAKS ..includin a tale passed down by dear Yola ’bout the time she outfiddled the Witch King                ..woohoo!!!

thanks once again ta my dear sweet Neighbour fer makin sum mighty fine drawings of it all fer us ………………………………….

Now y’all had yer “stew” …time fer dessert!

Maybee there be sum …most hobbits I reckon …that think dessert should be a sweet pie ….well  ..

Sum dwarfies mite think sumthin wit a bit of a kick ta it …a bit of ale …be best fer dessert …

Elufs say that a proper dessert be soft music ta help wit yer digestin.
while humans  …eeek!  ( ya folks dont wanna know what that human fella said he likes fer dessert )  ~scolds Gerhalt~

Me thinks everyone should be happy wit this dessert.

this May …hehe ..yer dessert will be sweet and have a bit of a lively nature ta it will be 

The Crazy Ladies of the Forest
celebratin their 10th Anniversary at the OAKS!!
These Ladies truly know how ta party so this will be a concert ya dont wanna miss …definitely 😀

They have called themselves different names at different events all over Middle Earth ..but they will always be CRAZY Ladies ta me!

Warm happy hugs,