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Let’s Dance under the OAKS around Midnight


Hope everyone is enjoyin a sweet musical summer!
I decided this summer I wood rest up fer a while  ..well I did think about it ..            but then my feet gots ta inchin ta dance
so I started explorin and found sum fabulous bands playin ..

yup there was…
music on the Hill after the summer picnic …
music beside the Pond near Staddle …
music high up on a mountaintop on the back of Landroval …
music at the tea party wit the Purple Folks …
music in the sand along the river Sirannon …
music on an mysterious island near the Cape of Belfalas …
music filled these luvly warm summer days …and nites ~winks~
I know I certainly found sum mighty fine music all over Middle Earth this summer


NOW!   time fer more music in the cool woods of Oldfurlong  ..
the OAKS be back!!
wit the truly magnificent music of  .. MIDNIGHT!
my feet be inchin ta dance agin   ..woohoo!!!
and I am thrilled ta share wit ya folks that my kind friends Lady J, Sir Aifel & friends be comin ta me relieve them itchy feet ..hehe

of course I’m gonna need a dance partner.

Anyone out there who wants ta help me find a partner  ..or two  ..or three ..or 50!?!   are ya ready ta dance under the OAKS around Midnight ?

~giggles~  no that’s not the time  …that be the name of the band who we be dancin around  the ….one and only …Marvelous Midnight

I can barely wait ta hear the phenomenal sound of MIDNIGHT ….
 (and dance wit you again ..definitely!)

warm gentle hugs,