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Karaoke Fridays with Polnolunie, Youtube



Karaoke Fridays with Polnolunie

This September, Polnolunie celebrates their 10th anniversary.

In order to thank all our fans for these years of support and sharing joy from the concerts, we made 10 brand new karaoke videos for some of our best songs, so you could sing them along with us!

They’re going to be released on every Fridays from July, 7th (Friday, August 11th excepted) to Friday September, 15th.

The videos will be available on Polnolunie’s Youtube channel, always at 1.00pm.

Subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss them.

The schedule is below :

Karaoke Friday #1, July 7th: Night Bird
Karaoke Friday #2, July 14th: The Largest Flower of All
Karaoke Friday #3, July 21st: Song of The Lone Morvul
Karaoke Friday #4, July 28th: Oh, Buzzing Gnats
Karaoke Friday #5, August 4th: So I Go And Go And Go
Karaoke Friday #6, August 18th: Snowbourn Girl
Karaoke Friday #7, August 25th: Rain
Karaoke Friday #8, September 1st: Elanor
Karaoke Friday #9, September 8th: At The Siege of Gondamon
Karaoke Friday #10, September 15th: Imladris In Autumn