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January OAKS..come party wit Mardi Gras Party band!


I want ta thank my friends, The Lanterns of Nimrodeliant, for a truly amazin OAKS on Saturday December 9th.
Their “snowy tales”  had both soft songs like gentle flurries on a winter mornin and powerful rock songs like a ragin blizzard!
They left me wit a warm feelin in my heart even if the experience be so vivid that I could almost feel flakes of snow fallin on me in the middle of a warm nite in the Shire..

Let me share sum moments wit ya…


May I also say a big thanks ta dear Leddyzep who paints these magick pictures so fast while the concert be goin on…thanks a million times!!! 😀



Fer January I have found a band that will git the new year started wit a big bang!     pop!     woohoo!
Git ready ta PARTY!
cause we will be spendin a nite wit a band that really luvs ta party   *giggles*


I herd it all began on a Tuesday in February long, long ago in a far-off land near the banks of a river that flowed past the gates of Moria…
Folks must have had a grand feast wit quite a bit of drinkin and dancin ta the joyful music of them bands back then.
After that them folks began havin a big wild party every year and started callin it FAT Tuesday.


I think a holiday called Fat Tuesday must have been started by us hobbits.
But ya folks be in luck cause this band dont wanna wait til February…and ya’ll be mighty glad of that when ya hear them *chuckles*
and no need to only party on a Tuesday…I think a Saturday will work out fine…in fact how about Saturday January 6th?

Yup..we cant wait no longer!


Fat Tuesday will be the first Saturday in January!


I wants ta invite all of Middle Earth ta our neighborhood of Oldfurlong on Saturday January 6th ta party wit the Mardi Gras PARTY Band!!!    *cheers*

This is a speck-tac-u-lar  ( a new word Papa taut me )  band which really rocks so all ya tall folks can leave yer shoes at home…. cause ya’ll just be kickin them off ta dance   *grins*


Come join us when we start the new year off wit the awesum Mardi Gras Party band..and bring all yer hungry cousins ta Fat Tuesday on a Saturday    *cheers*

Warm hugs ta everybodee,