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InfernO of SoundS, Gwaihir

Metal / Hardrock / Rock – Festival

Inferno of Sounds

August, 13 / 14 / 15
Gwaihir Server
Belfalas Island
Calardor -> Tol Falthui

  (( dont miss the videos at the end of this ‘book’ ))

Friday 13th
01.30pm – Bara Bahau (Mystic Stage)
03.10pm – The Great Willow Blues Band (Metal Dome Stage)
04.50pm – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band (Mystic Stage)
06.35pm – Traviatum (Mystic Stage)

Saturday 14th
10.00am – The Gallic Frogs Band (Metal Dome Stage)
11.40am – Midnight Owls (Mystic Stage)
01.20pm – Fuzzy Waters (Metal Dome Stage)
03.05pm – Die Sternchen Der Valar (Metal Dome Stage)
04.50pm – Telimektar (Metal Dome Stage)
06.35pm – The Teedees (Metal Dome Stage)

Sunday 15th
10.00am – A Rock And A Hard Place (Mystic Stage)
11.40am – Mondbarden (Metal Dome Stage)
01.25pm – Mushroom Stew (Waggon Port)
03.10pm – River Daughter (Metal Dome Stage)
05.00pm – Special Guests (Metal Dome Stage)