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Indigo Plant Invitational Concert

Phoenix and Indigo Plant

invite you to

Indigo Plant Invitational Concert

Saturday, October 16th
Falathlorn, Gilithlin homestead
5, Waterbank Road
Landroval server

A special night of stellar bands invited to perform, where both bands and audience are encouraged to wear Ered Luin Blue!
As it’s near to Halloween, there might be some spooky songs performed, and as it’s party hosted by Phoenix and Indigo Plant, expect some loud music and shenanigans!

05.00pm – The Brago Brothers
05.30pm – The Andune Ensemble
05.45pm – Consumable Revenge
06.00pm – Galdwen’s Band of Misfits
06.30pm – Plucky Strings
06.45pm – Indigo Plant
07.00pm – Eagle’s Wings
07.30pm – Dulcet Tones
08.00pm – DisEnchanted
08.30pm – Mithril Moon Fellowship
09.00pm – Ministar
09.30pm – The Stoors
10.00pm – War Bards of Song
10.30pm – Fuzzy Waters
11.00pm – Tickle and Giggles
11.30pm – Mardi Gras Party
12.00am – The Teedees
12.30am – BBB