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How about a ROCK fer Yule this year?, Laurelin

Thanks ta all ya dear folks that shared the November OAKS wit me in Oldfurlong 
      ~warm hugs~
when sweet Ken shared his faves wit us, I found that I must agree wit his requests ta himself.  

That evenin was absolutely awesum …I felt like we was floatin thru space on a cloud one minute and dancin along a lane in Michel Delving the next moment.

Thanks Ken fer makin that evenin truly special wit yer eclectic mixture of melodies.
and thanks ta them luvable tall eluf ladies that encouraged us all ta keep dancin …ya know them …

Aidieth, Arodhiel, Ferrith and Onchamreth 🙂

Wanna see / hear it all agin?    ya can thanks ta a marvelous memory-maker, dear Miss Leddy

Now ya have had time ta think about the question at the beginnin …so …            

How about a ROCK fer Yule this year?

Only the bestest hobbit lads & lasses get a rock fer Yule 😀

or maybee ya be wishin fer a Rock and a Hard Place? Happy Yule!!  

Yer wish be comin true the first saturday of December …

when A Rock and a Hard Place be comin ta the OAKS just fer you!!

I been waitin fer this since last May when they agreed ta be here fer the OAKS …
and the time has finally come!

Of course ….stones sumtimes can be found in every path 

…and this time the BABE himself …our dear Bruzo …is being sent ta a far-off place by the human he works fer on a very important mission ta fix sumthin that only he can

 (( I know he be the only one that can complete this quest cause he told me so ))

and it is ta be a mighty looong quest filled no doubt wit many vicious bugs ~shivers~

But dont ya worry about his not comin back fer the OAKS …

One of them mighty eagles has agreed ta bring him back in time fer the OAKS in December.
BUT …just in case the wind be super strong that day  …

this OAKS be startin a bit later than most others …just a wee bit laters 🙂

Please join us in Oldfurlong fer what I believe will be an extraordinary evenin.

Warm hugs ta all of ya folks,