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Hearts A’Fyre VIII, Brandywine

Minstrel Guild of Bree


Hearts A’Fyre VIII

An annual celebration of Love and Romance

Livestream on Youtube @DragonForgeBand

Saturday, February 17th
2.00pm – 10.00pm
Bree, Festival Grounds stage
Brandywine server

*02.00pm – The Mighty Roarers
*02.45pm – Deja Vu
*03.30pm – Roses & Thorns
*04.15pm – R.K.O.
*05.00pm – Storytelling with Mally
*05.30pm – The Country Bluegrass Band
*06.15pm – Dominion of The North
*07.00pm – GoblinFyre
*07.45pm – The Hayseeds
*08.30pm – The Rakes of Kilkarill
*09.15pm – Dragon Forge