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Have the OAKS your way in November

Thanks bunches fer all ya folks that came ta the October OAKS and helped rescue Oldfurlong from that shady Sara lady   *shivers*
Now it be safe ta come back ta walk around the neighborhood again!!!!!
I am so relieved  ….and so grateful that ….
we neighbours of Oldfurlong have put out candy at the front doors of our burrows ….
every type of candy ya could possibly want …help yerself ta them apple goblins I put out
or the mint turtles (well they looked like turtles ta me ) in front of the OAKS house at #5 Myrtle Court.
A special thanks ta my dear friends in Mondbarden  ,,,absolutely wonderful folks who have honoured me by allowin me a glimpse inta the sweetness of their souls …
Thanks bunches fer all the kindness and generosity that ya have shown ta me.
I walked around sharin treats wit the folks in the audience …but the bestest treat of all was the music  …my thanks ta all of Mondbarden  😀
and a most sincere thanks ta the tireless sweet Miss Leddy fer all these drawings  😀


Now time ta start plannin fer yer trip back ta Oldfurlong …fer the November OAKS ..
but this time ya gotta start gettin ready fer the OAKS a bit earlier cause this time ya folks gotta plan what the band will be playin 😉
ya understand!
this be a concert completely of what ya wants ta hear !!!!
an ALL REQUEST concert by the marvelous …the magnificent …the magical
                               the Mardi Gras Party band


just let me or the mischievous Popski ( he’ll be here wit the rest of the Mardi Gras Party band )
or sweet Kenghis know what ya wants ta hear …
best not give that request ta Littledrummergirl unless it comes wit a couple of pies.
then come back ta Oldfurlong on saturday November 14 and ya’ll hear it
when the brave MGP band takes on the challenge of an ALL REQUEST concert!
(( sumone told me Ken mite take requests on his outfit two ))
Remember ta get yer request in soon ….no later than Sunday November 8
so dear Kenghis will have time ta find it among all his sheet music 🙂

warm happy hobbity hugs,