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Harfang’s Family was founded by Aylinor Harfang, an elf women, and Sigmo Plantapinos, a hobbit. A band formed by 3 elves , 2 hobbits and a dwarf may seem odd, but the fact is that Sigmo is part of this family, because as a young orphean he was adopted by Harfaran, the father of the family, and grew in the Menellant Homesteads. Furthermore, a dwarf is our drumer and he doesnt mind to play with elve girls.

Harfang’s Family is totally dedicated to folklore: Irish, celtic, traditionnal and ancient music, and Folkmetal and Epicmetal interpretations. We like to rejoice people with jigs and polcas as to provide more introspective and intense celtic and epic music.

Complete Calendar: 

  • 02/03: The Bird and Baby
  • 02/05:  Bree Theatre
  • 02/07: The Green Dragon
  • 02/12: The Ivy Bush
  • 02/19: The Floating Log Inn
  • 02/25: The Golden Perch, 3pm /servertime
  • 02/26: Bree Theatre, 3pm /servertime