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Fall in Luv at the February OAKS

The January OAKS was absolutely wonderful!
Fer starters dear Agago made tea fer the audience.
When the concert started the Purple Folks played slow classics …just wonderful.
Soon they got a bit livelier and had feet flyin & folks spinnin ….
Then they really started rockin  ~woohoo~
and played sum freshly mixed tunes!
Folks came flockin in from all over Middle Earth …one came from Rivendell where he was in what the eluf healers call a hospital ….
even Tom Bombadil showed up ta enjoy the remarkable musical arrangements!
Sumthin fer everybodee!   and all of these genres of music done so beautifully 🙂
Thanks bunches ta the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band fer all the pleasure ya Purple Folks brought to the OAKS!!
This had ta be the most rockin tea party EVER!
If ya want ta see this / or hear it agin be more magical memories thanks ta dear Miss Leddy   …


NOW ….it’s February!
Everyone knows February starts off wit Hedgehog Day
  ~looks a bit confused~  Or is that just Hog Day?
February also gets me ta thinkin about luv  ….
and there be many different kinds of folks and things we luv
But no one can resist them cute lil baby hogs  … I know I luv them.
Fer certain I luv music, dancin wit friends, and cute lil baby hogs  …like my own
sweet Rudolf, the sweetest piggy I know 🙂
Next OAKS …. I’ll be gettin all three!!!
Cause in February I get ta DANCE ta the wonderful MUSIC of ….

                                                                                 the DAFT PIGS!

when they come ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire fer the February OAKS.

Join us in Oldfurlong when ya mite just fall in luv …

                                                                  wit the music of the Daft Pigs!
warm happy hugs,