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DULCET TONES Show on the Road

Come one!       Come all!

To the stage in front of the Pony

On Saturday May 19

A little before 2:30pm

And you will see

An eclectic group of merry-makers & misfits

When their Show on the Road comes to Belegaer

the Dulcet Tones!

Rumors are that this group will probably have an ale ..or two…or twenty as they ride along…

and will be lucky to stay on their horses as they travel all the way from their homes down Crickhollow way to Bree.

Once they reach the Pony, be sure and stand back when they fall off their horses and stumble onto the stage..

Then get ready ta have a fun time for a couple of hours!

Master Drummor boasts that his band can outdrink any audience.

If you’re up for the challenge…

join the Dulcet Tones when their Show on the Road comes to Belegaer

And every time this band calls for ANOTHER ROUND…have a beer!

Then try ta keep dancing… until the end!

Whether you win or lose the drinking contest, you’re sure to have fun with ..

the Dulcet Tones!