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December OAKS – Yule lanterns for everyone!

Let me just take a moment afore I tell ya about who be comin ta the OAKS in December ta say a BIG thanks ta all of the Brago Brothers…especially the pretty one that always wears a dress
          *grins*         (I’m not sayin fer certain but I still think it be a lady dwarfie)
Master Bragomur and his family were so incredible!
and what awesum encores!   They were so impressive  that several folks jumped out of the audience and joined in playin wit them!
Well here be them magic pictures of dear Holly….look at these fer a minute and ya mite even hear the music yerself!


Fer December OAKS…since it be close ta Yule…

I gots everyone a wonderful present!

…cause this Yule I’m givin y’all sum mighty special lanterns!  
                                               the Lanterns of Nimrodeliant!

   Just like a regular lantern attracts folks ta its light….
the wondrous music of these talented folks will certainly attract all who hear them ta come party!

Just like a regular lantern glows when it be lit……..
everybodee in this audience will be glowin wit the happiness of the season after partyin wit these fabulous five folks!

Just like a regular lantern brings warmth when ya stand near it…
this sensational band will make ya feel all warm inside and full of Yule time cheer….
Of course ya be warm cause ya wont be able ta stop dancin the nite away when ya hear them

I herd tell that Lobelia be at one of their concerts and couldnt stop dancin or smilin fer quite a long time afterwards                       *giggles*

Honestly folks I have herd the Lanterns play many different kinds of music …and they do so many different genres   ( Papa taut me that word)

and they play them all wit an amazin flair that mite make ya think that be their specialty….

But…that wood be wrong cause then ya hear them do a different kind of music and that be just as marvelous!

This is gonna be a truly awesum concert so make plans ta be there!

We are gonna have so much fun!!   *cheers*

Please join me and my neighbors in the village of Oldfurlong in the Shire homesteads when we join this amazin band in an OAKS of “Snowy Tales” while we all bask in the glow of  ………   
                                                 the Lanterns of Nimrodeliant!

Warm hugs ta everybodee,