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Day on the Greenfields 2019 : Belegaer

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Day on the Greenfields

Sunday March 17th, 2019

on Belegaer server

At The Greenfields (27.2S / 67.2W), The Shire

Sunday March 17th, 2019
Belegaer Server
7am – No Whole Bard
8am – Les Cailloux
9am – Moonshine Wanderers
10am – Ohrwurm
11am – The Brago Brothers
Noon – La Famille Adah
1pm – Polnolunie
2pm – Die Meisterbarden Von Bree
3pm – Mondbarden
4pm – The Andune Enemble
5pm – KaPAtEK aNAhuAC
6pm – Pale Riders