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Crickhollow Anniversary Weekend

Crickhollow, Second Breakfast, and Elevenses are celebrating their 7th anniversaries.  In addition to special additions of our regular weekly events we will have a Saturday pool party featuring cosmetic competitions, contests, music, and raffles.
September 8th: Bread & Jam at the Prancing Pony at 9pm
Bread & Jam showcases some of Crickhollow’s best bands and greatest storytellers every week.

September 9th: End of Summer Pool Party at the Bree Festival Grounds at 1pm


Contest #1: Stop the Music & Hold Your Breath (listen carefully to the music…once it stops, make sure you’re not the last one to dive into the pool)
Cosmetic Competition #1: Everswim Adventurer Realness (show off gear that still looks great after swimming to Annuminas)
Concert #1: Breakfast Club
Cosmetic Competition #2: Party Animals (showcase coordinated costumes with the pet companion of your choice)
Concert #2: Mardi Gras Party Band
Cosmetic Competition #3: Poolside Eleganza (display your best pool party attire or swimwear)
Contest #2: Obstacle course (swim, dodge, eat, and jump your way to first place)
We will also be holding some raffles throughout the day.  The after party includes a swim in the Everclear Lakes and a round robin musical jam.
September 10th: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby Inn at 11am
This twice weekly event has showcased solo/small group music and light RP since the day the server opened.