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Come revisit the Fall of Gondolin in the Fall OAKS

Hiya Everybodee!

Yup the OAKS are back!!

Actually the Shire homesteads be filled wit them ol’ tall oak trees all year long
but now the musical OAKS be back in the Shire homestead of Oldfurlong.

This be the time of the year when some trees …like oak trees ….start ta get more colours in their branches.  If ya come by the Shire homesteads ..especially Oldfurlong, ya mite see red, yellow, golden, purple!  Maybee even ered luin blue  … hehe
Soon all the leafs be burstin out wit colours.Almost like when the OAKS of Oldfurlong burst forth wit songs ~winks~

Yup it’s time fer the return of the musical OAKS!

This season the OAKS be startin wit another excitin luv story.

If ya remember the tale of Tuor and Idril ….here be yer chance ta hear it told wit the beautiful music of the Anduners and the hauntin lyrics of dear Holly.

If ya dont remember ..this tale be about Master Elrond’s grandparents who were:

Idril, the elegant Princess of Gondolin who folks say had golden hair that glistened in the sun’s light who like all sensible folks had absolutely no luv fer shoes or boots & walked around in her barefeet

& the noble Tuor who was strong and valiant  …

T’gether in the excitin tale of Gondolin  ….but instead of me tellin it all here …

…just come and see/hear fer yerself when the story comes ta life rite afore yer eyes durin the return of the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series the last Saturday in September wit the Awesum Andune!

Bring along a sad eluf ..any one of them will do …they all seems a bit sad.     Probably just need ta kick off their shoes & dance fer awhile wit us smilin hobbits 🙂

warm happy hobbity hugs,