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Come join the PARTY at the OAKS, Laurelin


A big thank ya ta Lady Stygiana & Lady Mamsell & the rest of Die fertigen Schlusen fer a fantastic October OAKS.

At the beginnin I asked folks there if they be ready ta rock ~chuckles~

Wit all the cheers I herd I knew the answer was “YES”
and no one in that audience was disappointed cause this band came ta give folks a great time! 

This band of Bullroarer Beer Luvers was not exactly sober ( are they ever? ) but sober enuff ta stay out of jail & keep us all dancin fer hours …

I think I even saw a bunch of birds and sum ponies dancin   ….yeah I’m sure I did!

Just in case ya want ta enjoy it all agin  …here ya go

They gave all of us in Oldfurlong a truly fun party   …woohoo!!

and ya know what follows an October party….that’s rite!   a Mardi Gras Party!!!

Come on over ta Oldfurlong fer another FUN party wit ….                         


Throw away any calendars that mite say it’s not time fer Mardi Gras yet …

cause we havin Mardi Gras in November and just about anythin could happen  ..fer certain!

Ya never know ….Bassgirl mite play her theorbo wit a fish, Popski mite get ta wear sweet Ken’s hat …

but NO way Lildrummergirl is gonna wanna hear any more of yer jokes, Shakes! ~winks~

As I said afore if ya fellas wanna be wit the lasses on saturday November 12,
ya best come over ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood
where sweet Ken will be flexin his mighty biceps when he plays the pipes …..

Warm hugs ta all of ya folks,