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Come enjoy BREAKFAST at the October OAKS

Thanks ta all of Polnolunie fer startin off this season of OAKS wit a truly magnificent concert!

It was both an honour and a pleasure fer all of us in the audience ta celebrate the 10th Anniversary wit ya folks.

They took us all on a marvelous music-filled journey from their beginnings in the summer of 2013, back on the Fornost server, thru ..

the unforgettable punk rock opera “Kashchey the Undead” rite here at the OAKS in Oldfurlong …thru

their many appearances at Weatherstock and festivals around Middle Earth …thru

many thought-provokin concerts the audiences have been privileged ta hear ….up until this truly amazin concert for their 10th Anniversary at the OAKS in September.

Thanks from me & yer many, many devoted fans all around Middle Earth!!! …..

and a special thanks ta my sweet Neighbour fer makin this memory ….
   …  OAKS: Polnolunie 10th Anniversary
On a personal note …thanks bunches ta fierce kind-hearted Thunder fer comin down from the stage & dancin wit me durin a song …ya make me feel so special.

Thanks bunches ta dear funny Gerhalt, sweet thoughtful Lady F as well as kind Thunder fer yer awesum friendship which I always treasure …. and who I always know beyond any doubts I can depend on ta be there wit an out-stretched hand ta remind me that I am cared fer and I have friends whenever I mite need sumone.
May Polnolunie go on fer many, many more years ta come!!!

Comin up fer October ….

the OAKS has another long-time band  …

started down Crickhollow way about 13 years ago  …not sure per’zackly where any of the original members are roamin these days ..

but no worries there …plenty of new members in
the brilliant  …the bright  …the brainy …the boffo….


Their music promises ta be an eclectic mix of rockin, soft & sweet, sentimental, jazz,

and mite even be a bit of the big band sound from long ago.

Of course there always be a time within their concerts fer a Classical Corner  …yay!

  this will be a real BLAST!

Warm hugs ta all,