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Come Climb the OAKS wit the Brandy Badgers

Thanks bunches ta all of Mondbarden fer an amazin January OAKS.

Since they be one of the bigger bands around Middle Earth, it was alt’gether fittin & proper fer them ta start their concert wit the “big band” swingin sounds. 
This was followed by sum jazz that had all lucky enuff ta be in the audience dancin or cheerin  … or both.  Sum of us really luv jazz …( I know that sweet Ken of the MGP band strongly approved ) and sum of the younger lads who didnt know the names of the tunes still whooped fer joy cause them luved hearin new music ( well …new ta them ) beautifully arranged.

When I drifted around the audience, I saw so many folks smilin while swayin t’gether when Mondbarden played the blues.

On behalf of all the folks that came from all over Middle Earth ta start this new year while listenin ta the marvelous music of Mondbarden at the OAKS,  thanks agin fer a phenomenal party!

And a very special thanks from me ta all of my dear friends in Mondbarden who matter so much ta me fer honourin my request fer their version of “I See Fire”   …this is my favorite arrangement of that beautiful song which is even further enhanced by the deep resonance of the voice of dear Kirgon. 

Took me a moment afore I culd speak agin after that magnificent melody….thanks bunches ta my kind & so sweet friends.
These folks been t’gether fer 10 years now and many, many of us hope they be playin fer at least ten more!   Mondbarden be truly awesum! 🙂
And fer those who mite wanna hear it all agin   ….thanks ta my sweet Neighbour  …ya can! …


NOW …fer the February OAKS  
WHAT LUCK!!!   the OAKS will be another band what has played fer even longer than 10 years …. long past 10 years ( I’m not perzackly sure how long …one never knows wit them critters who live back in the woods) and still goin strong wit new folks joinin them ta bring new music. 


I’m mighty glad they agreed ta join us in Oldfurlong this saturday fer the February OAKS!

This be a bunch of folks …sum that was kind enuff ta become my friends back when I first came ta Michel Delving ta live wit my gammer  …who be one of the first bands ta come play here in Oldfurlong when I first got the idea fer the OAKS.

Miss Lina, their leader & a mighty talented lass who has invited us ta join her ta explore & lern more thru her stories of the history of our Shire, along wit many other members have brought a lot of fabulous music & lyrics.

This band be rite comfortable wit all genres of music and them has sum fascinatin lyrics which will have ya gigglin one minute, cheerin on a local hero the next, and often reminds us of how lucky we be ta live ( or just visit ) in the Shire. But I dont want ya folks ta think their music be only fer folks what live in the Shire   ..ooohh NO!
Them be not only sensational talents ..but sum mighty fine folks as well …  …especially my cousin Rubellita.

Dont ferget ta bring berries fer the Badgers!

warm hugs ta all,