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Captain Fantastic and the Blue-eyed Poetical Sheep Badgers

The Brandy Badgers spring musical, telling the tale of … Berno, poetical lad extraordinaire,

who had the misfortune to find a gem in his last slice of yule pie, meaning he has to find a blue-eyed lass to marry                                (don’t ask, it is an old Shire tradition).

Enter his best friend Reginald, musical lad extraordinaire, who takes the pair on a grand quest involving steak, rolling pins, Brockenborings sheepdogs, musical badgers and rivers that never really run where you expect them to.

Wonderful wacky wonders and hilarious hi-jinks may or may not ensue!

The musical is based on the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

Time: 7:30PM UK / 2:30PM servertime
Location: Bamfurlong, The Marish, The Shire. We’ll be just north-east of the farm at 33.5 S, 64.2 W, inland just west from the Bucklebury ferry.