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Bird and Baby Yard Party Surprise Feature (Not The Crazy Ladies of the Forest!)

Not The Crazy Ladies of the ForestNeither me nor Ms. Bilbeto will be able to make it to the Yard Party on Thursday May 18th, but luckily a well-known band agreed to show up and play a Surprise Feature for all and sundry. For purposes of preserving the Surprise, the band asked that I keep their identity a secret, so I’m absolutely not going to tell you that they are none other than The Crazy Ladies of the Forest so if you show up to have your heart warmed or to move your feet, or both, please tell the band what a surprise! it is that they are there. Come dance and enjoy on Thursday!All good people are welcome at the Bird and Baby Yard Party, a weekly event featuring you, our patrons! Sometimes there are visiting bands or other planned events, at other times, entertainment is provided by you, the patrons!

When there is a scheduled event, feel free to play music, tell stories or whatever during breaks, but we ask that you yield the stage to the evening’s main act at their discretion.

Free Beer and Mystery Food (self-service at the tables in the Yard). Please note that eating of the Mystery Food is at your own risk.

The Bird and Baby Yard Party is managed by Miss Bilbeto Longburrow very much helped by its regular patrons (not only those listed as contacts).

Contact: Bilbeto Longburrow, Toadflax Nosely

Time: The Yard Party always begins at 19:30 UK time and mostly last a couple of hours. Consequently, EST/EDT starting times (what the Lotro Artists calendar uses) vary at DST transition times. We strive to keep the announced starting “server time” correct for the current next Yard Party.

Upcoming scheduled events at the Yard Party:

June 8: Shire Tramps

June 22: Skepto Shireskald and His Musical Variety Show

A recital of classical works, directed by Maeraen Merilin, is being prepared. It will be scheduled when it’s ready.