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Bird and Baby Yard Party featuring KaPAtEk aNAhuAC

KaPAtEk aNAhuACFrom faraway Sirannon (it must be the banks of it, not the stream itself, but who knows?), the Yard Party on November 24 brings us KaPAtEk aNAhuAC.

And I do not know what that means, nor what this Featured Performance will entail, for I have seen (and heard) KaPAtEk aNAhuAC both play music from our own time and out of ages past, Sometimes lovely, sometimes scary enough to even frighten those make-believe-goblins, “da Bugans” (a gang of ill-mannered tweens), sometimes comprehensible and at other times singing in arcane forgotten laguages (this means it is languages I don’t know myself).

What is for certain is that these tall lasses play well and  the music can be lovely or lively or both, and their music is danceable (and if they do bring the blood-thirsty Ms. Lea, the Bounders are only a horn-call away), so it’s gonna be a blast. Come dance!


All good people are welcome at the Bird and Baby Yard Party, a weekly event featuring you, our patrons! Sometimes there are visiting bands or other planned events, at other times, entertainment is provided by you, the patrons!

When there is a scheduled event, feel free to play music, tell stories or whatever during breaks, but we ask that you yield the stage to the evening’s main act at their discretion.

Free Beer and Mystery Food (self-service at the tables in the Yard). Please note that eating of the Mystery Food is at your own risk.

The Bird and Baby Yard Party is managed by Miss Bilbeto Longburrow very much helped by its regular patrons (not only those listed as contacts).

Contact: Bilbeto Longburrow, Acorne Oakley, Toadflax Nosely


Upcoming scheduled events at the Yard Party:

November 24: KaPAtEk aNAhuAC. Music.

December 8: Yule-ish music with Breakfast Bits.

April 20, 2017: Return of the Son of Black Salad Day.