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An Awesome OAKS with ARDA

Hiya Folks!

This time of the year is known around our Shire as the time of the powerful winds.
Ya never no exactly what may get blown in…maybee even new folks.

And just maybee them new folks mite bring a bunch of new music wit them

*nods head to agree with what was just said*

I’m real happy ta be able ta tell yer folks that the March winds have blown anuther truly great band what come from down near the Brandywine…
the Awesum ARDA

I herd tell this band got t’gether after the Battle of the Five Armies over in Fornost walkin among the wounded playin music in an effort ta raise folks’ spirits there
(funny they dont look 1000 years old)…

and then when that place fell inta darkness, they traveled wit a little help from the great eagle Landroval.   While they was flyin around ARDA (our world)…they thot that wood be a grand name fer a band so …that is what they called themselves..ARDA!

Then  they flew over what looked like a friendly area wit a river overflowin wit fish and decide ta settle down there on the Brandywine!

On Sunday March 26 they be travelin once agin…cause them powerful March winds be blowin them our way.

This time they be comin ta our Shire ta the neighborhood of Oldfurlong where we are pleased ta invite a different band every month ta come play fer us while we have a grand party and all folks what live in ARDA ..well Middle Earth anyway…be invited!

Yup folks…ARDA  be on the rise….as it says on their poster…
and they be willin ta take ya along by liftin ya up wit their brilliantly beautiful music!

I no all of ya will like this OAKS….

Come see fer yerself what makes them so special on Sunday March 26 when …ARDA… be playin at the OAKS!

Bring all yer friends and neighbors..and join me and my neighbors in Oldfurlong at seven and a half bells in the evening.      ( 19:30 UK time/20:30 CEST/14:30 server time)

Let us stir up sum strong winds of our own wit all the leapin, spinnin, happy, dancin feet while we party the nite away wit ARDA!

Warm hugs ta ya one and all,