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All Folks’ Music wit MGP at the March OAKS

hiya Music-Luvers!
A BIG thank ya ta all of them Brandy Badgers fer an outstandin OAKS which had the audience clamorin fer more & more encores!!

If I may … I wanna take a few moments here ta give a special thanks ta sum of them what saved my life when I was younger & a bit more adventurous than I am now.

Thanks ta dear Miss Tibba who shared a batch of her yummy fish cakes ta help restore my vitality and my will ta go on after sum naughty lads talked me inta samplin that yucky Barrow brie

And dear Penny who revived me when I foolishly tried ta challenge one of them monstrous threats that was rovin around & got severely injured.

Also thanks ta sweet Shirriff Nimelia who always has kind words ta say ta me whenever I see her.

And dear Miss Lina who befriended me when I first came ta Michel Delving ta live wit my Gammer Oakley …in fact all of these folks have proven themselves ta be grand hobbit friends over the years …helpin me have adventures, dancin the nites away, and remindin me just how lucky I am ta live in the Shire wit them livin close in nearby neighborhoods   …thanks bunches
Most of all thanks fer sharin the wondrous talents of makin music, singin lyrics, and playin so many lively tunes!!!

Thanks ta all fer the fantastic February OAKS  …woohoo!

Fer any of ya unfortunate folks that culdnt be in Oldfurlong that day ….here ya go
    … thanks once again ta my Sweet Neighbor ~hugs~

Now the March winds be blowin inta our Shire bringin all ya folks a wonderful opportunity cause this will be an OAKS of any & all the music folks wanna hear …an ALL request concert wit the ever eclectic  …the marvelous … Mardi Gras Party band

yup ya herd it correctly! The band will play anythin ya wanna hear or ya get ta see the whole concert fer free!

Let me or Master Ken ( the leader of the MGP band ) know what ya wanna hear by droppin us a note via the Quick Post or come over & whisper in one of our ears ~winks~

…then join us ta hear all the musical suggestions and/or prayers that have been picked out  ..i.e. all the folks’ chosen music selections.
Just atween us I herd that sweet Ken has added “A Taste of Honey” ta the setlist fer any bearfolks that mite wander by  …shh dont tell ’em cause that’s su’posed ta be a surprise ^^

Make sure ya get them requests ta us afore Wednesday March 13th cause he has ta have time ta visit the gym afore the concert. Sweet Ken has ta carry all them heavy instruments fer the lasses in the band, ya know.

warm hugs ta everybodee,