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A Day On The Greenfields 2021, Landroval

Landroval Music Community


A Day On The Greenfields 2021

Saturday, April 24th
The Shire, Brokenborings Green Fields (27.2S/67.0W)
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1.00pm – Department of Harmony and Song
2.00pm – NAM
3.00pm – Great Willows Blues Band
4.00pm – Calibogue Sound
5.00pm – P.I.E.
6.00pm – Warders of the Weald
7.00pm – Mardi Gras Party
8.00pm – Les Beaux Chapeaux
9.00pm – Musica Banditos
10.00pm – The Plucky Strings
11.00pm – The Kings Men
Midnight – B.B.B.