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A Day On The Greenfields 2021, Sirannon

Fincin of Les Beaux Chapeaux and Les Habitants Des Trous


A Day On The Greenfields 2021

Saturday May, 1st
The Shire, Brokenborings Green Fields (27.2S/67.0W)
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Saturday May 1st

6am – No Whole Barde
7am – Les Va-Nu-Pieds
8am – Laurelin Music Box
9am – Les Razmoket
10am – Les Compagnons De Dard
11am – The Arda
Noon – Purple Pipeweed Parlor PPP
1pm – Bragomur Brothers and Sister
2pm – Polnolunie
3pm – Notenzauber
4pm – kaPAtEk ANaHuAk
5pm – Chant Du Vent/Coffe Time
6pm – Skarn
7pm – River Daughter 
8pm – The Teedees