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A Day At The Greenfields Music Festival on Sirannon

Friday April 24th on Sirannon
12:pm – La Banda del Pony
1:00pm – The Great Willow Blues Band
2:00pm – Mondbarden
3:00pm – Hippies Sans Lit
4:00pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
5:00pm – Die Bunten Vogel
6:00pm – Les Menestrels du Soir
7:00pm – Wilde Mühle
8:00pm – Les Gladiateurs






Saturday April 25th on Sirannon
6:00am – No Whole Bards
7:00am – Les Capes de Laurelin
8:00am – Les Razmoket
9:00am – The Arda
10:00am – Starlight
11:00am – La Famille Adah
12:00pm – The Gallic Villagers
1:00pm – Polnolunie
2:00pm – Les Daft Pigs
3:00pm – Notenzauber
4:00pm – Kapatek Anahuak
5:00pm – Les Gardiens
6:00pm – Brago’s Brothers and Sister
7:00pm – Skarn
8:00pm – Acanthe Herr Bro
9:00pm – The Michel Delwing Bunny Watch
10:00pm – Les Cailloux
11:00pm – River Daughter
12:00am – The Teedee’s