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A Day At The Greenfields Music Festival on Landroval

Saturday April 18th on Landroval
11:00am – Die Meisterbarden von Bree
12:00pm – Breakfast Bits
1:00pm – The Displaced
2:00pm – P.I.E.
3:00pm – Little to No Drama
4:00pm – Mardi Gras Party Band
5:00pm – The Stoors
6:00pm – Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
7:00pm – DisEnchanted
8:00pm – Les Beaux Chapeaux
9:00pm – Trollfinger
10:00pm – Grayhawke Band
11:00pm – Music’N’Mayhem
12:00am – B.B.B.




Sunday April 19th on Landroval
12:00pm – Moonshine Wanderers
1:00pm – Calibogue Sound
2:00pm – Ohrwurm
3:00pm – The Andune Ensemble
4:00pm – The Remediators
5:00pm – House of Harps
6:00pm – Jailhouse Rock
7:00pm – Bards of Valinor
8:00pm – Blue Mountains Band
9:00pm – River Daughter
10:00pm – The Teedees