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14th Annual Grand Elven Ball, Laurelin



14th Annual Grand Elven Ball

Saturday, December 3rd
Ered Luin, Falathlorn Homesteads
Lant Veren, 5 Waterbank Road
Laurelin server

“On its FOURTEENTH event, The Annual Grand Elven Ball awaits you. Please do as you have done kindly in the last thirteen years, consider that this event is aimed to be an elven themed event and every non-elf you bring would make it seem less elven. If you are not particularly invited with your Dúnedain, Men, your Dwarves or Hobbits and if you have a proper elven alt, it would be very helpful to attend with them instead of your mighty humans, dwarf lords or hobbitses. Still it’s up to you! (If you want to explain your presence to the cold Hammerites.)

We do kindly await your arrival and yours at the event. Some of you have received in game invitations and some have not. To clarify things, we want to declare that this is still an open event with some racial limitations and any Elf who wishes to come to see the biggest and largest synchronized dancing display won’t be turned down.

See you all there!”

The guest band will be The Bullroarers, performing in the Ball for the first time.