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Are you planning a great event? Put it on our calendar for people to see it!

If you want to advertise your event on our calendar send the following information:

  • Event title
  • A description of the event
    Please take some time and put in some effort to write this and explain your event well worded to our visitors! The more interesting your event is the more visitors you may have!
    If you have a website for the event put in the link here, too!
  • Server name
  • Who is the organizer of the event (kinship/band name/player name)
  • Location of your event
  • Add a good screenshot or poster (The larger the better! You can also send a link to your image)
  • Event date and time(s)
  • Event type (one-time concert, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly concert, RP event, a multi-day event, or something else?)

Send all this info by email to: and as CC.

Thank you very much!
– Floradine

Pro-Tip for your event advertisement:

Start to advertise your event as early as possible on our site to make sure you get enough exposure. Make sure that you give people enough time to see it! Going public with your event just three days before it happens is not a good idea. Start two or even three weeks ahead and you should be good to go!