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The Midnight Owl Band is an American rock and roll band formed in Hobbiton, The Shire.

Founded by Owlharp Fiddlesticks on October 09, 2017. Their lineup consists of Owlsong Fiddlesticks (Vocals) Owlharp Fiddlesticks (Harp) Owlstar Fiddlesticks (Lute) Owltune Fiddlesticks (Violin) Owlhorn Fiddlesticks (Horn) Owlbass Fiddlesticks (Theorbo) Owlbell Fiddlesticks (Theorbo) Owldrum Fiddlesticks (Drums) and Owlbeat Fiddlesticks (Drums).

The Midnight Owl Band currently play across five servers: Brandywine, Crickhollow, Landroval [EN-RE], Sirannon [FR], and Gwaihir [DE].

Past festival appearances include: Weatherstock, Winterstock, Shirefest, Winter Solstice, Summerfest, Pumpkin Jam, Hearts A’Fyre, Spring Fling, Champagne Bash, The Celtic Festival, and Ales & Tales.