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The Russian heavy-metal band Arda was established on the 7th of August 2016, on the Brandywine server. Founded, mainly, by members of Mirkwood Leaf kinship together with many good people, we all have came to this server after the closing of the Russian servers (our main server was Mirkwood). Soon after the first concerts, the musicians had taken the brave decision to take their own musical instruments and travel to Landroval. Later we found we loved the soulful atmosphere of Laurelin, so most of our performances take place on that server.

Now the ARDA calls home three servers: Laurelin, Brandywine and Landroval. We have performed at many wonderful in-game festivals: Weatherstock, Winterstock, Rockfest, OAKS, Bird and Baby Yard Party, and more!

Our core band members include Strovar, Valti, Lettenhove, Azannuzbad, Glorskald and Mitraliel.

ARDA does not follow a strict concert schedule, but we perform when we have a desire and an opportunity.

Announcement of our events and concerts can be found at, as well as at our themes in and

On occasion, Strovar posts the test versions of our songs at

ARDA prefers to play all kinds of rock, hardrock and heavy-metal music, from Soviet and Russian bands to world-famous bands with an accent on old and classical heavy-metal. We love freedom, heavy and fun! \m/

You can contact us via twitter –