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The music band ‘Lanterns of Nimrodeliant’ was formed on the Landroval server by the ‘Glaw En Naur Aduial’ kinship. The band does not stick to any particular genre, so the style of their music is very diverse. This is because they try to convey the various motives to their listeners (from the bright melodies known to the whole world to the beautiful ballads which are not well known, but just need to be listened to).

The band members are:
Rammeldir. Rammeldir is the vocalist of the band, and he also writes the welcoming speeches;
Taurgwethil. Taurgwethil is engaged in writing music and monitoring its quality. She also makes posters for the events;
Kirinka. Kirinka keeps an eye on the order of the songs and on the band to be ready for performance;
Ririka. Ririka runs everywhere with his older sister Kirinka. Wherever you see one of these hobbits, there is necessarily a second one nearby. They always perform together at the events to support the atmosphere of friendship and good mood in the band;
Lasnerval. Lasnerval is our postal elf. She tells us about the most diverse news that fly around the Middle-earth from Lorien to Kelondim;
Kristegar. Kristegar writes the long promotional texts. If you see a cute hobbit and his blue hat, that’s him;
Elinika. Elinika provides the various ideas and organizes the events for the team in their free time;
Kolibri. The band does not know how they would manage without this hobbit, because she helps them with performances at Laurelin making a great contribution to the team.

You can find them at the website:
And you can also follow the news (in Russian) here: