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Website : The Remediators

The Remediators were formed in October, 2013, from musically-minded members of the Courserrim kinship and their friends, though our current band members come from six different kinships (well, I think that’s right .. sort of hard to keep count these days …). We are based on Landroval but have played a few concerts on Crickhollow as well, and we are planning a sojourn to Laurelin this coming spring.

Our regular band members are Lady Ashigaru, Baudhaegas, Briallan, Freemark, Glofinwing, Malvy, Saesura, Scrop, Tulenn and Vosko, though we are very grateful to have the support of other members of the music community who join us from time to time.

We do not have regular times or dates for our performances, but we do announce our concert info in advance on our Twitter feed (@Remediators), on the Lotro Artists calendar, and in the official forums for the various servers on which we perform. In 2015, we played at Winterstock, Weatherstock, several Windy Acres Ranch events, and many other events, large and small.

We don’t have any particular musical style, and our concerts have included video-game, rock, alternative, pop, traditional, jazz, baroque and seasonal music, as well as tributes to particular composers and musicians. We transcribe our own music, sometimes creating or customizing the midi arrangements that we use, and we write our own lyrics.

You can contact us by sending mail to Briallan in-game on Landroval, or write us at


Picture at top (by Rhovanael): The Remediators at the 2015 Festival of the White Lady

[ Article updated by Briallan on December 22, 2015 ]