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The Department of Harmony and Song was born in January of 2015. Here’s our story as composed by Greymaster (kinmate and former band member) :
A long, long time ago, brave adventurers met while taking Hobbits to Isengard and evacuating lost Dwarves from the mines of Moria. Someone suggested, « Friends, we have grown close as kin through these ordeals. Shall we not continue to adventure together? » And they did! Thus the Department of Holbyt Security was born.
Some time later, several of them were sitting by the fire in their large house in the Delving Fields, playing music for each other. Someone suggested, « Friends, we have played these tunes for each other for some time. Shall we not form a band and play for the world? » And they did! Thus the Department of Harmony and Song was born.
And they have been having the grandest time playing music for the finest audiences in the world ever since!
We play a monthly concert on the third Sunday, usually on the Bree Festival Stage on Landroval.
We play all kinds of music. Our members range from 18 to 61 years of age and span the globe from SE Asia (temporarily, anyway) to Finland and all of us arrange songs for the band, so our musical catalog is extremely eclectic. We play only music we’ve arranged ourselves and some of us do adapt (or as we call it, LOTROcize) lyrics occasionally.
Band members : Zinnelle (manager and spokeshobbit), Skjalden (bandleader), Lindiria (and Linniwren), Alicanya, Frerivise, Bellaeraen,
Aereithor, Belegand.
Honorary members – Mithrador and Hobollas (both retired due to RL obligations)