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Website : The Aleford Band

The core of the Aleford Band are three musicians, Gennetta Aleford, Allegretta Aleford and Toolee Twitchytoes.
The Aleford sisters have been in the music business since childhood, and met Toolee when they played together in the Traveling Bilberries. The three of them have only been together as a band for a few months but feel that now they have the right combination of talent, although there is the possibility of adding more members in future. As yet they do not perform regular concerts but can often be seen at The Green Dragon and The Bird and Baby.

Gennetta concentrates mainly on arranging music for the band, often rewriting and creating new parts for many of their tunes. A perfectionist and consummate musician, Gennetta puts many hours of work into each piece, she also plans the set-lists for their performances.

Allegretta plays the theorbo in the band but focuses on singing and writing lyrics. Although she loves to write comic songs, her aim is to make the audience feel the music, so she is content if they cry with laughter or sadness at her songs.

Toolee usually plays the harp and is also a major contributor to the band’s songbook, having a huge knowledge of unusual but ‘Alefordy’ tunes. She also writes lyrics, arranges music and sings several of the songs.

The Aleford Band play an eclectic mix of musical genres in which the only stipulation is that the tune has to be good and entertaining. Ballads, jigs and reels, rock, classical and pop tunes all appear in their repertoire. When you attend an Aleford gig be prepared for variety, and have tissues at the ready!

Gennetta Aleford