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Website : Les Chantefables & Les Savoureuses Mélodies

Once upon a time, a hobbit named Addoc was walking on a world far, far away called Landroval.

As a showman, he was looking at a band he’d heard was famous, to see what it was about : the Lonely Mountain Band. That’s when someone told him about a great summertime show, the 2013 Weatherstock!

Coming from Estel, a land with curious people called « French » or « Français », and running for his life after some fans asked him to do lots of autographs, he told his hobbit band leader, Louellana, about the event. As a result, some other great band members saw the fabulous show with them. At this occasion, they met a smelly dwarf named Zedrock! He was a genius musician from Sirannon.

Astonished by the show, they decided to form a new band on Landroval in summer 2013, with different singers of all races, to sing songs based on fables and stories in Middle Earth. Les Chantefables were born!

The members were going to share their knowledge to give the band a special musical style.

Among them, there were some bandmasters from Estel like Hiragil, Sharilaa, Thaltar and Karakbeer; singers like Angilil, Hucky, Eolyianne and Aranlindor and musicians like Jedhora, Mirdwen, Elruna, Petitemontagne, Grandeprairie, Medicago, Coupobol and someone to distribute hobbit pie, Janbathyste!

With the entertainment of the people in mind, Les Chantefables were on the top at the 2015 Weatherstock.

By now, Les Chantefables are composed of 10 singers, all on Sirannon: Acante, Aranlindor, Avalson, Eolyianne, Lyzeth, Louellana, Lyhian, Shabadah, Zedrock and our showman, Addoc.

We perform one concert per month, more or less, on Landroval and occasionally on Laurelin. We also play with our own bands on Sirannon : Les Savoureuses Mélodies, the lovers duet of Eolyhnn et Lindonaran, Les Hobbities, Kapatek Anahuac and Les Chantefables. Without forgetting the inimitable Zedrock and Bara Bahau on many servers.

We have our own mix of music styles, because our members come from differents bands. We play folk, medieval, renaissance and contemporary music or do some astonishing dancing songs. One of our favorite tunes is « A bicyclette » by « Bourvil », a song with two voices.

We adapt some of the music we use for our songs, and write our own lyrics about life and stories in Middle Earth.

We hope to offer you funny moments even if we don’t translate all our lyrics (we told you we come from a strange world). We like to entertain the public of our shows without playing music all the time, but with a little mix of theater and funny stand-up too. That’s why we do often a little music break with some of Addoc’s funny stories for the public (and we offer some delicious hobbit pie too).

Have a look at what we do (videos from our talented videographer Addoc) :