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It all started with the Bards and Scholars guild of the Kinship of Durin’s Folk back in 2011. Soon, a fixed group formed around Norgi, Torstig, Augir, Barkgrim and Kandral, which became known simply as ‘The Band’ (or Durin’s Folk’s Band). Then, as creative people have to be creative, the name went through some changes. ‘The Band’ became ‘The Beards’, and, by the time we had our first big concert at Archet Aid in 2012, ‘The Rolling Kegs’ name was chiselled in stone.

Members came and went, as they do in most bands. When Bob the Bard joined in 2013, the Kegs reached a level of excellence that we hadn’t known before. Bob has since marched over new horizons, yet he can’t be thanked enough for his achievements with our band.

In 2014, Kandral Strongbeard, one of the original members, became leader, and we’ve gone from tavern to tavern ever since, gathering members from various kins. The Rolling Kegs have performed at Winterfest, The Harnkegger Games, Shirefest, Archet Aid and Weatherstock. For the past two years, we’ve made it to the final show on Weathertop. Last year (2015), we were thrilled to be awarded double second place for both musical excellence and popularity with the audience.

The Rolling Kegs write original lyrics, too. In fact, almost all of our songs have lyrics! From the light hearted to the tragic, we have songs to stir the blood and gladden the heart, songs of pride, honour, hope, love, death and glory.

We are Dwarrow. We are The Rolling Kegs.

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~ From the tall Blue Mountains till the Red Mountains East, ~
~ To the proud lonely peak of Erebor. ~
~ From the cold Grey Mountains where the dragons never sleep, ~
~ We shall stand, we shall stand, and never fall. ~