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The Foxcleeve Inn was founded as an… Inn in Foxcleeve by old Mr. Foxtail, a hobbit, who in his youth once came to the conclusion that it was rather difficult to go to (and much more difficult to come back from) the nearest Inn in distant Michel Delving each time his friends and he wanted to have a good (and substantial) evening.
The other Foxtails found an idea of having their own Inn enough original (in fact, they had been founding it enough original six times a day for two generations) after it had appeared in a local hill.
On the third generation female hobbits somehow turned out to be more numerous within the Foxtails than male and the story of the Inn could have ended rather… respectably, but, fortunately, two grandchildren of Old Magpielo came to a simple agreement. They saved beer and added music.

Nowadays The Foxcleeve Inn is a hobbit-ensemble in Landroval, including six constant musicians (and many lazy stay-at-homes) and performing all over… the Shire Festival Tree glade and singing mostly good old retro songs (rewritten in a hobbit-manner), and whose main aim is to make the audience smile.

Aermo Woolfoot and the Foxtails.