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Notenzauber was formed in fall 2013 on Belegaer, but we play on Landroval and sometimes on Sirannon.

Website :

Now 8 members :

  • on Landroval : Palwyn ( Bandleader), Brico,Pogno,Suzia,Lacara, Garbathol, Mibi ( Writer of our lyrics),Holgelas
  • on Belegaer in same Order: Deascaith, Ralbo, Runglo,Suziannah, Chalondra,Garbert, Mibi, Hothro

We play with many gueststars like : Petaline,Halgoreth,Floradine,Calanne and more..

No regular playtimes.. one or two times a month we play on Belegaer or on Landroval

We play many different styles.. from classical , Rock ´50s – ´90s, Modern Pop from ´80- 2016, Folk Tunes.

We only arrange our own music. But we dont want to make a 1:1 coverversion of the original tune. .We are searching a long time for a perfect midi, changing parts of the midi and play with the ingame instruments.. e.g. horn instead of Lute or something else.. A song will be tested for a long time before we play it a concert.

Our lyrics are written in german by Mibi , but sometimes we have guestmusicans who write special lyrics for our tunes like gnomes,petaline halgoreth and more.

Well know from many big events on different servers, Weatherstock 6, Weatherstock Concert Series 7, Rockfest 2014 + 2015, Horrorfest 2014 +2015, Winterstock 2015 + 2016, #FriendshipFrance 2015 on Sirannon, Keilerfest 2014,2105 +2016 (Belegaer), Spring Race Contest 2015 + 2016 and many many concerts in the last 3 years.