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Website : The Breakfast Club

The first musical activity we had for the server was Band Camp, led by Diamiond in October 2010. The first annual Ghosts, Goosebumps and Graveyard Tales (also October 2010) was also the first public appearance for the Breakfast Club. The band leader and event organiser was Tipi, who named the band. Our first set list included the Ghostbusters theme song; parodies: Lalia (Lola–Kinks), The Ghost in the Library (Stairway to Heaven); and Barliman’s Brew, all from The Fat Lute. We’ve come a long way!

Breakfast Club did not formally perform together again until Weatherstock 2011. When Harperella asked if we would like to perform at Weatherstock, Buddy took charge. The band members at Weatherstock were Buddy, Sadie, Butternut and Calily. We had a good number of Breakfasters in the audience.

The band did not start up again until the Landroval Ales & Tales invasion in August 2011. Daffin joined the band for the first time and there was a write-up of the event as well as a Podcast:

Daffin put together some practices not too long after that, with a dozen people attending the first. The band played at the 2nd Annual Ghosts, Goosebumps and Graveyard Tales, and debuted Daffin’s Th’ Goblin Mash. Formal weekly practices started for the first time in November 2011, led by Daffin, and usually attended by Daffin, Rosalie, Hazvar and Butternut. The first Hrivelenta (January 2012) was was originally a joint venture between Symphonious, Daro a Maetho and Second Breakfast.

Daffin, being the innocent new boy and not knowing any better, volunteered to sort of be spokeshobbit for the group and keep things on track. Then, about 2 or 3 months later, when no other musical events had happened, he made the mistake of posting in the Forums to « Bring back th’ Band! » … and promptly got put in charge!

As he remembers « That first year was pretty slim; I taught m’self th’ rudiments o’ building ABC files an had a double handful o’ songs ready fer th’ Hrivelinta (Winter Dance), but we was a smallish group, only about 4 folks bein reg’lar, an I was wantin t’ do larger pieces…
But after about a year, we started getting a larger crowd, an then, with th’ agreement o’ th’ Officer Corpse, I opened th’ Band up t’ folks as wasn’t Kin members too. There’s been a bit o’ turnover, but nowadays we have somewhere around 8 t’ 10 pretty reglar members, including (in no particular order) :

M’self (Dallofin)
Gingerbreadlass (Quini)
Blondel (Skaldosi)

an several other folks like Vetho an Halgoreth who play with us at Bread an Jam Sessions an th’ like, but not so much in our reg’lar concerts, owin t’ th’ other musical committtments they have.

Who are th’ core group, plus Rosalie, Argwerael, Odred, an several two-boxed alts that fill out th’ group as schedules an other issues permit. (On Landroval, some o’ us got different names.)

We play a weekly gig at th’ South Gate o’ Bree every Saturday ’bout 1PM Server Time as well as formin th’ backbone o’ 3 weekly musical events; th’ aforementioned Bread an Jam Sessions Friday evenins at 9PM in th’ Pony, an both a early Elevenses at 11 on Sunday mornins, an a late Elevenses on Monday evenins (at 11, o’ course) in th’ Bird an Baby Inn in Michel Delvin. Plus there’s th’ odd festival or weddin or Kin party… y’ know…

Tho we are an will remain a Crickhollow band, we DO come t’ Landroval t’ play th’ 1st Saturday o’ each month, in our reg’lar 1PM timeslot, down by Bree’s South Gate, an we’ve also performed in Gladden an Laurelin a few times.

As far as what we play, I try t’ emphasize arrangements that’ve been done by band members: m’self, Blondel, Larksong, Pontin an Rosalie have all contributed ABC arrangements. But we ain’t above stealin borrowin givin other good arrangements th’ wider hearin that they deserve.

We play a lot o’ Celtic type music, more or less in keepin with th’ gen’ral tone o’ Arda, but that’s only mebbe 50% o’ our repertoire (just guessin there). Th’ rest is everythin from Classical t’ show tunes t’ Country an Western, t’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, t’ Reggae, t’… well, you name it, if it’s a good arrangement, we’ll play it.

When I first started leadin th’ band, our repertwar was a bit thin, an so I wasn’t above « borrowin » tunes that I thought was worthwile from other transcribers. But as I learnt t’ do that sort o’ thing m’self, an other folks who could also perform that function joined th’ band, we now have a large stock o’ tunes o’ which I’d say 95 out o’ every hundred has been produced by a Band member—might be closer t’ 98 out o’ each hundred ?? I’ve also wrote a original tune or two, an built MIDIs from scratch when I wanted t’ do a tune fer which there ain’t any worthwhile resources t’ be found.

I’ve written one completely original piece that th’ Band plays occasionally, inspired by Bilbo’s pome, « Th’ Road Goes Ever On », an I’m workin on a original settin fer « There Is An Inn, A Merry Old Inn » which may be done in time fer… well, I’d best not say nothing here that ‘ll get me in trouble…

But I make up new lyrics fer many o’ our songs, such as Sam’s proposal t’ Rosie Cotton (Be My Baby), Th’ Goblin Mash (Monster Mash), Th’ Council o’ Elrond (Hazy Shade of Winter), A Lighter Mug o’ Ale (Whiter Shade of Pale), an th’ Warrior’s Lullabye (Silent Night), t’ name just a few. An Blondel an Larksong have also wrote new lyrics fer some o’ their numbers.

We’ve performed fer Kin parties in our Crickhollow home as well as in Gladden an Landroval, been in th’ last 3 Weatherstock Festivals, played fer a weddin, an are available (under certain conditions) fer any event that someone might want t’ have music at! »

Thank you Daffin, I shall certainly be there to see you at Winterstock /winks