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Radagast’s Pipe is a musical band formed on Russian server Fornost in 2012, and we play on Landrocal since April 2015.

During its existence the band played lots of concerts, performed at various events and created anthems for the project ‘Lotro-Mindon.Ru‘ and for Brotherhood of Steel kinship.

Since the migration to Landroval Radagast’s Pipe got stronger and refreshed with some new musicians. Our band has organized two festivals on Landroval: “Music Over Arnor” and “ Four Years Anniversary”, and we played a couple of solo performances too.

We hope to continue successfully conquering the hearts of the audience!

Regular members are : Newine, Dartul, Flayori, Gilnaure, Hildewende, Isneval, Leynir, Nedriell, and Snusmumriken.

We do not play regular concerts. We play when the soul needs!

We love different music and play different songs – from classic to heavy metal and so on.

We don’t arrange our own musit. But create our own lyrics and rewrite existing texts for Middle-earth.

Gilnaure Shrewmouse