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The Hope was founded as a small orchestra in November 2011 on the Russian server Mirkwood.

We moved to Landroval when Russian server have been disabled. Since then, we have given here a few thematic concerts such as The Very Best of Jethro Tull or The HOPE Save The Queen, etc..

Musicians of a little band:
Charnotorin, Glafire, Shurdoin, Camomilla, Natail, Holmsel, Lolliet and Torrot.

We try to do our individual concerts, thematic posters, unique repertoire and set design)) We have a lot of musical ideas, and we can not afford to repeat. For those who can not attend our shows, we provide video version concerts. But, believe me, live shows much more interesting)) Watch for announcements. We invite all our performances!!!

For contact : Charnotorin

Twitter: :  The Hope. Hopes small orchestra under control of love.