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Inspired by the late Hilrond on Nimrodel, the Fluffy Unicorns became a full band in June 2015.

The band moved to Landroval in the fall of 2015. We now have 11 regular and part-time band members and their alts. Starting members Hannariel and Calondriel, then in chronological order: Findes and Calypsonia/LulaMoon, Takamine/Pelind (currently on sabbatical), Zaxan and Chantillyroses, Ragnora (currently on leave), Eodread, Kariella, and Jessiemin.

We used to perform Sunday Rocks with Classical Gas on the 2nd Sunday of the month, but after Hilrond passed and Classical Gas disbanded we started Unicornucopia. Still on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 1-2 pm server time outside the Prancing Pony.

Each month we have a different music and costume theme. We arrange our own music and will sometimes include lyrics of our own design.

We play with The Grayhawke Band on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at the Prancing Pony Stables, 9-10:30 pm server time.