Inspired by Hilrond on Nimrodel, The Fluffy Unicorns became a full band in June 2015. The band moved to Landroval in the fall of 2015. We now have 7 band members and their alts.The starting members are Hannariel and Calondriel (and their alts. Britha, Quinnas, Helagryn, Bellandrien, and Bromfred). In January 2016 we added our friends Findes and her alts (Sugarbee, Peachpie, and BorisTheCat), Calypsonia and her alts. (LulaMoon, and Dawnstarr), originally from Nimrodel. In March 2016, from Landroval, we found a new friend and added Takamine and her alts. (Cearney, Clearey, and Aeble – and occasionally Pelind). After our first Weatherstock we added Zaxan and his alt. (Proterus), and Chantillyroses.

Our band members come from several kins, but Britha bought a kin house so we could store our costumes there. Also, even though we are known as “The Fluffy Unicorns,” Britha named the kin house “The Original Fluffy Unicorns” so that the acronym could be TOFU (she must like the stuff).

Our music is eclectic, ranging from folk, country, bluegrass, Celtic, rock, classical, and electric to new age (and sometimes even heavy metal – though you might not recognize it as such by the time we get done with it). All of our members have had a hand at transcribing music. Traditional lyrics to songs are sometimes used as well as original ones, written by Hannariel, Calypsonia/Lulamoon, or Calondriel. Because the majority of us also participate in questing and raiding, most of our members don’t find time to traverse to other servers to play. However, you may see a member or two on another server. For now The Fluffy Unicorns remains on Landroval. Our members may sometimes be found participating with other bands as we like to promote a positive, congenial, music community.

When trying out new music we can often be found at the outside crafting area near the west stables in Bree, at band jam sessions (the 2nd and 4th Fridays at 9 pm server time at the Prancing Pony Stable), on the hobbit rooftops in overlooking Bree, or at “Pelind’s practice tree.” On weekends you may also find some of us in Dol Amroth, serenading the roving threat raiding parties before their departure.

We join The Sunday Rocks concert that Hilrond puts on every 2nd Sunday of the month at the park across from the Bree jail, usually around 12 pm server time.