Inspired by Hilrond on Nimrodel, the Fluffy Unicorns became a full band in June 2015. The band moved to Landroval in the fall of 2015.

We now have 9 regular band members and their alts. The starting members are Hannariel and Calondriel(and their alts). In January 2016 we added our friends Findes and Calypsonia/LulaMoon, both originally from Nimrodel. In March 2016, from Landroval, we found a new friend and added Takamine/Pelind (currently on sabbatical). After our first Weatherstock we added Zaxan and Chantillyroses (who came from Brandywine). In December 2017 our first female dwarf joined the band when Ragnora became a member. In late January 2018, Eodread joined our band family, and we also adopted two band groupies Devdor and Rhayvan. April 2018, we welcomed Kariella into our band, and also student band member Justee.

We arrange our own music and will sometimes include lyrics of our own design. We play with the Breeland Traveling Festival Band on the 2nd and 4th Fridays at the Prancing Pony Stables, 9 pm server time.
Also at the Prancing Pony Stables on the 2nd Sunday we play with Classical Gas at Sunday Rocks, noon server time.

Diversity is our motto, and united we band. Not only is our music eclectic, but our members represent every race and several different kins.