Under The Sunlit Sky was formed just 3 months ago in October (2013). As a new kin who came together through our love of music and dancing, we thought it might be fun to start our own band. So I had a go at transcribing some songs and we had our first practice in the farm behind West Bree stables – joined by a rather noisy cow!

Regular members are myself (Dallarien), Crazypants, Silcia, Liodora, Duinne and Petaline. We are sometimes joined by Grisdan and Aeorneth who were founder members of the band.

We usually play under the canopy in Market Square Bree, 3pm server time on a Saturday.

We all love rock, folk and blues so we have fallen into being a ‘rock cover band’. Favourite artists include ACDC, Led Zeppelin and The Dubliners.

We do not yet write our own music or lyrics – though we have some very talented members both musically and technically so hopefully in the future we will!

We have our own dance troupe in the making courtesy of Fyrfly and Thuringwen, and I have been experimenting with timing songs to match the dances, it’s a work in progress! Also we recently discovered a drum dance trick which we have been confusing guests with for a few weeks – if you’re in a happy mood, then do a little dance, any dance, then hit the drums – you will see!